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Mon Ami Travel believes that our lives are amazingly enriched when we travel.
The first step involves allowing yourself to DREAM of the places and experiences you want to have. Create that Bucket List.

Next, call us and let us help you plan your adventure. We help you make that travel dream come true. Let yourself EXPLORE this amazing world

Finally, the memories and photos of new experiences that you have embraced can only make your life FLOURISH. You are more than you were before... enhanced, more alive, more aware.

Our strength is our ability to listen to our clients and work closely with them in finding the perfect adventure. We collaborate on all aspects of the trip: budget, wish list, realistic expectations, and enhancing the experience. Our clients find us very accessible and approachable.

Our agency is named Mon Ami Travel because in French, mon ami means my friend. We are your friend every step of the way in the travel planning process. From the initial consultation, to booking the trip, to following up after, we maintain a close and personal relationship with good communication at the forefront.

As you explore options for an agent to help you with your next adventure, look for someone who will treat this trip as if it is her own. We take pride and care with every step of the journey.

Mon Ami Travel is owned by two women, Laurel Leidner and Bev Haller, who have almost 50 years combined in the travel business. We each work from our homes and collaborate on our business model. We keep abreast of travel news and are always on the lookout for ways to help our clients find experiences that provide value.We are proud of what we have accomplished and we have many happy clients who return to us for their next adventure.